Struth Mate! I Have a Web Page!

G’day Everyone & Welcome to my personal website. Nothing much at the moment but a bunch of Links to get you to my social networks but more to come as I decipher the interweb.

My quick Bio for those who don’t know me…

“I’m a muso from Australia & in 2015 was approached by West Star Radio (based in the UK) to host my own internet radio show.

#DJStruthMate was born out of my opportunity to share more sounds from Oz but it grew to contacting musicians around the world to play their creations & interact with, via interviews for the listeners too!

More talent was being discovered in the form of Comedians, Actors/Actresses, YouTubers, App-Developers, Artists, Film-makers, Screen-Writers, Models & basically anyone in the field of creating their particular art in their own unique way.

So after learning the ropes & making several wonderful new contacts across the globe I started off a proper, regular, dinkum weekly show on .

‘Episode 1’ of ‘The DJ Struth Mate Show’ dropped in the first week of 2016 & has continued each following week with a newbie mixture of classic & popular tunes from Australia (of course).

I then share a few new indie and/or established music artists tracks alongside social media promotion. There’s been so many & all they did was connect with me via for submissions.

If I have had the opportunity to chat with anyone over the past week I edit our conversation & play & promote too 🙂 These end up on YouTube for with simple promotional graphics for future use.

Lastly, I always share a few tunes in what’s called ‘The Struth Shuffle”. Anything I have listened to that has struck my ears in the past few days.

These 2 hour broadcasts are up on every Tuesday from 7pm GMT & re-runs during the week at a few different times to suit the listeners of the world.

Also shows get posted up here for future listening as well. “

So there you go Struthlings, That’s what I do so feel free to connect with me for some promotion, interaction, shenanigans & Awesome music. #URock !!!

Email submissions –